Here we are again, summer is retreating...little league All-Stars finished yesterday...county fairs are on everyone's minds...and snowmobile registration renewals are showing up in mailboxes. (Yup, it's that time!) While others are still looking to have the rest of their summer outings and vacations, for us snowmobilers, fall vintage shows will start, grass drags are on the horizon and the pre-season shows are just around the corner. We'll be getting together shortly to decide upon what needs the greatest attention to maintain and improve our trails, and our work weekends will begin.

Look Back Soon!

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End of Season '11 
For the most part this has been quite an exceptional year in comparison to what we've had recently. In the beginning of the season, as in normal years, people can't wait to ride and its amazing how little snow they'll ride on. You can always tell when people have had their fill of riding...late in the season we still had more snow, than we've even had snow in some years and people quit riding.
But now its time to start putting stuff away, pulling the signs and closing the gates. But thanks to the trail workers and groomer operators for a great riding season.
Which brings us to another note...we have a couple of new additions to our grooming fleet. We have picked up a couple of older Track Trucks ('89 and '91) to help cover our mileage better and to help groom to a wider width, which will also help us pull in the corners better and keep them from banking up, making them safer.
See...looking foward to next season, already!

Look Back Soon!

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Workdate 19-Dec-10 
Spent the last couple of weekends, still yet, working on finishing up on some signing. Of course, the colder it gets and the added snow, makes every step involved, that much harder. This morning was no different...it was 1 deg when we started out. We have a couple of last minute improvements that have presented themselves, so along with the help of a landowner, the trail that runs along side of his driveway, was able to be widened, without actually running into the driveway and the culvert was extended, but this will have to wait until warmer weather to be able add fill to cover the culvert, but is still wider than in previous years.
Yet another driveway that we have been able to run along, has in previous years, is a bit of an issue. If we can get the sledders to use common sense in use of this driveway, we'll still be in good shape. All that is asked, is that we stay to one side to make it easier to keep snow removed for vehicular travel. Signs are there, please pay attention and watch for cars and kids! And please SLOW DOWN...it is someones driveway!
We have a temporary re-route proposed to get around the water over the bridge problem, seen in the earlier picture, although, the water has receded a bit and is passible at this time.
5 members present 8:30 - 2:30

Look Back Soon!

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News from the Water Dept 

Seems as if we're starting right where we left off last year...We are however, looking for a way around for this year, until we can come up with a more permanent solution.


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Workdate 5-Dec-10 
Well this is kind of falling in "par for the course", first weekend in Dec. and its cold and snowing. Now it makes you feel everything we've done is going to be all worthwhile and it sure is good to see! We spent another day getting some signing taken care of and we started getting the groomers out to get them serviced up, with any kind of luck we'll be using them relatively soon. Yeah...I know there are the nay-sayers and I'm sure some will even say "yeh, but its going to be back up in the 40's by the weekend" We'll keep this part on the Q-T (but remember...I did say "par for the course")
We really are fairly close to being completed on our signing for the season and please pay attention to signing changes as there are some changes made but nothing that should get you lost. Also being early in the season, there are still wet spots to watch out for.
But...all in all...please remember...the TRAILS DO NOT OPEN UNTIL AFTER DEER SEASON! And NOT under 6" of snow!

Keep Thinking Snow!
Look Back Soon!

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