End of Season 
Hard to believe we've had March's that have had blizzards and monumental snow and now this year spring temps and no snow... and the season was going so well.
Unfortunately, its time to pull in the signs and close the gates 'til next season. We'll get this years end of season done just in time to start for next year. Snow is gone, but to keep the trail system going, we're already involved in next season's preperations, including paperwork for funding, possible trail re-routes, trail repairs or even improvements in trail signing.
Upcoming, will be the annual Forum with the Office of Parks and Recreation and Historic Preservation. This is kind of the transition for finishing up with last year and starting in with the next season's trail grants.
Look for upcoming events through the summer, such as vintage shows and races. It helps make the season a little more seemless.

Look Back Soon!

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Season shaping into a good one 
By now most are really that this is turning out to be a great season. There has been a lot of local traffic despite this years economic strains. The groomers have been out on a fairly regular basis. The trails have been smooth and fast, and with the cold temps they have set-up quite hard. Now with some extra added fluff after a mixed bag of tricks, the trails should be nothing short of fantastic for what we normally see around here. Even some of the older riders (can't say old-timers, age discrimination you know) are coming out and saying that these are some of the best trails and best riding conditions seen around here in years (ok, ever!).
We have a couple of instances where we have asked (signed) to have riders slow down and beware of skiiers and children playing. These are the same people that we get the permission from to use their property, we need to respect their wishes. Also, the firelanes on the stateland are off limits, this is why we have a trail going around. And again, this is the condition we have that allowed us a trail through!

Look Back Soon!

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Workdate 4-Jan-09 
Wow, that's wierd '09! Happy New Year everybody!

We have a little more clean-up to do from the ice storm and some from the heavier winds we've had the last few days. We took a couple of saws along with a couple of the groomer sleds and even a sliegh. We cleaned form the town barn on S71A to C7B, went up C7B to S71B and cleaned it back to S71A. At least it wasn't as bad as before, but I think I'd still rather have the snow. Some spots are a bit sparse, but at least there's enough snow to get around to get things cleaned up a bit. There's a lot of wet spots, some froze, some...NOT!
Thanks to those that, while riding, took the time to stop and move some of the downfall out of the way, at least as much as possible, until we could get around and cut the stuff out and get it dragged out of the way.

5 members present and 2 jr members 9:00-2:30

Think Snow!
Look Back Soon!

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Workdate 28-Dec-08 
Amazing, just when it appeared that there may even be an actual winter, with snow... gone! Hopefully, with the return of some frigid air, it will help lessen the flooding and tighten things up again, though no big snows in sight, maybe some lake effects will help.
A couple of us took advantage of the warm air and now soft ground, to add to some of the signing in an area that we've kind of fell short in. And while there, took the opportunity to route around a mud hole. We used what posts we had with us just in time, just started pooring, fortunately it was short lived.

2 members present 8:30-1:30

Look Back Soon!

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Workdate 21-Dec-08 
We've had a couple of days of decent snow, as trails open please be aware of down limbs yet from the previous ice storm. In some places it may be impossible to even get through. We are in the process of clearing the downfall, with the snow it takes much more effort. Today we split off into two seperate groups, being fortunate to get that kind of help as trails open. AND PLEASE THANK THE TRAIL CREW, THEY'VE BUSTED HUMP TO MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! One crew started off Rabbit Run and worked toward County 36A. With it snowing and working in snow up to our knees in spots, it took us almost 6 hours to clear 2.5 kilometers (speedometer is metric). We were soaked, tired and now a cold ride back.
A second crew worked to open a club (non-funded) trail and clear a section in the stateland and then go on to complete the short section of re-route off Bice Rd., to get the trails open to make them rideable.
7 members present 8:30-4:30
Remember, good trails don't just happen, Someone worked to make them this way!

Look Back Soon!

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