Update 6-Nov-11 

The old bridge went through between the trees in front of where the fellas are standing.

We had a bridge that 'may have been' alright for a couple more years, (though some boards were split and had some broken edges)even one support lacked 8" from touching the ground, but due to the design of it, we couldn't get our new groomers across it, so we needed to re-do this one to make it work. We still need to put some new deck boards on and rails, but in the end, we've improved the approaches and still left the landowner access to cross the creek as needed with his own equipment.
We did some trail signing off in another direction as well. We're starting to be on the downhill side of having fair weather left for all we'd like to get done, but... we'll do what we can and have time for, then that'll leave something to look foward to next year!

Look Back Soon!

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