Workdate 19-Dec-10 
Spent the last couple of weekends, still yet, working on finishing up on some signing. Of course, the colder it gets and the added snow, makes every step involved, that much harder. This morning was no was 1 deg when we started out. We have a couple of last minute improvements that have presented themselves, so along with the help of a landowner, the trail that runs along side of his driveway, was able to be widened, without actually running into the driveway and the culvert was extended, but this will have to wait until warmer weather to be able add fill to cover the culvert, but is still wider than in previous years.
Yet another driveway that we have been able to run along, has in previous years, is a bit of an issue. If we can get the sledders to use common sense in use of this driveway, we'll still be in good shape. All that is asked, is that we stay to one side to make it easier to keep snow removed for vehicular travel. Signs are there, please pay attention and watch for cars and kids! And please SLOW is someones driveway!
We have a temporary re-route proposed to get around the water over the bridge problem, seen in the earlier picture, although, the water has receded a bit and is passible at this time.
5 members present 8:30 - 2:30

Look Back Soon!

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